About Nicola

Why I became a therapist

In 2011, I was working in an environment with stressed and overworked individuals experiencing pain. I wanted to share the success I’d had with stretching, massage and reflexology—and how complementary therapies can help support a huge range of problems, even fertility and ADHD.

I decided to take the plunge and leave all the office stress so I retrained as a massage therapist and Callanetics® instructor—my two passions—and added reiki and reflexology to my skills in 2013 and 2015.

I like to continually develop and learn new things so I can help more people. I most recently trained in:

  • Emmett Technique, which is a light touch way to release muscle tension without causing pain, and

  • Reflexology Lymphatic Drainage (RLD), using gentle rhythmic sequences on the feet to supporting fluid restriction and wellbeing, and

  • Reflexology to support Menopause, using foot reflexology to support clients with the common symptoms experienced during the menopausal period.

I am excited to see how these techniques are further supporting clients with Menopause symptoms such as Hot flushes or Insomnia.

While continuing to build my knowledge on the fabulous Emmett Technique I have also trained to be an EMM-TECH Tutor and I teach the Emm-tech 1 day course to members of the public.

Why I love my work

I like to help people to solve their problems. My partner says I like to “fuss”.

I love it when I have helped someone to manage their health problems, stress, pain, insomnia or infertility:

  • When someone comes with a stiff neck, frozen shoulder or sore knee and then—after one massage and a few stretches—they achieve increased mobility

  • When someone experiencing menopausal symptoms has a full night’s sleep with no flushes—and feels calmer and less stressed

  • When a young woman who’s been struggling to conceive becomes pregnant after reflexology treatments.

Other things I love

Since 1992, I have volunteered with Girlguiding Edinburgh. I lead Rainbows and help as a Division administrator—so each week I am involved in crafts, fun trips or helping to recruit new volunteers.

I teach Callanetics and enjoy weekly Pilates and yoga classes. In the winter months, I love skiing holidays: you can’t beat getting fresh air while speeding down the slopes.

Health, nutrition and wellbeing is important to me, so I am currently trying to improve my cooking skills while preparing healthy meals from scratch.

What my clients say

“As I work full time and have family it is not easy fitting in some ‘me time.’ Finding somewhere local for a massage on a Sunday afternoon was just perfect. The massage studio is a very soothing setting. I had a full body massage. The massage was firm without hurting and I felt so relaxed afterwards.”

“I have definitely noticed a difference since I started regular reflexology. I feel less stressed and more energised and it has worked wonders on reducing the dark circles under my eyes!”

Training and qualifications

I have a Massage Diploma from the Massage Training Institute and a Reflexology Diploma from Scottish Massage Schools and I am a Reiki Master. I am also a Certified Callanetics Instructor and volunteer regularly with Girlguiding. I have also studied:

I enjoy developing my knowledge base and learning new skills.

What else would you like to know?

Get in touch with your questions—call me on 07814 004 760 or email jenicksmassage@hotmail.co.uk.

You can book an appointment online too—or sign up to our mailing list.

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