Here are some customer comments

Reiki"Reiki works, best nights sleep in months. Feels like my batteries are recharged and my head feels clearer and calmer. Thanks" 

"Felt fabulous after my Reiki treatment. Right after I felt like I could conquer the world. I got the whole house cleaned and had energy to go out all evening"

"That was the best Reiki session ever. Totally refreshed and relaxed. Would recommend Reiki to anyone. Everyone should give it a try. Great!"

Reflexology -

" I was keen to try Reflexology to see what improvements I could achieve in my general health. I have definitely noticed a difference since I started the treatments. Nicola is a very knowledgeable practitioner and the sessions have left me with improved energy levels as well as a reduction in my stress levels. It has worked wonders on reducing the dark circles under my eyes!"

Indian Head Massage -

"As a migraine sufferer and insomniac I was told to try Indian Head Massage. I have had a couple of these from Nicola and they have been fantastic. My sleeping improved (especially on the massage days) and my migraines have decreased. I felt very relaxed after my massages." 

"I felt amazing after my Indian Head Massage with Nicola. She was extremely accommodating and even came out to my house for the treatment." 

Myofascial Release

"I've got a fair bit of scar tissue that hasn't really reacted to normal massage or stretching but after 1 session with Nicola where she did some Myofascial Release around the scar tissue I immediately noticed the difference. I hadn't realised just how much the scar tissue had been restricting my movement until it had been loosened off.

I've had a few sessions with Nicola now. Each time I've came away relaxed and invigorated but more importantly I'm more able to train, my posture is better and I've noticed that a number of small aches and pains have just disappeared. All of these things I found I was unable to manage when I was just stretching and not getting any massage" 

Massage - sleeplessness/relaxation

" I have not been sleeping well at night and having really restless nights. After just one hour of massage I felt that my body was really relaxed and I slept deeply that night. The results continued for a couple of nights. I have booked another massage to help" 

"As I work full time and have family it is not easy fitting in some "me time". Finding somewhere local for a massage on a Sunday afternoon was just perfect. The massage studio is a very soothing setting. I had a full body massage. The massage was firm without hurting and I felt so relaxed afterwards. I have booked another massage in 4 weeks time and I am really looking forward to it".

Massage - sore shoulders

"I went to Nicola because I had sore shoulders and wasn't sleeping well. She found I had tight arms which I had no idea about! I slept amazing after that first massage and I have been going regularly since. More recently I am on medication which is giving me restless legs we tried a few different massage techniques over different sessions- Manual Lymph drainage which did help somewhat, but it was the normal massage with oils which helped my legs relax the most. I can get relief for up to a week. Thanks so much!" 

"I would like to recommend Nicola at Jenicks Massage to other readers of EH10 publications & also my friends. I had an ongoing pain in my right shoulder & arm. After an initial consultation with Nicola then a shoulder & neck massage sorted my pain issues. Much to say I have booked further appointments".

"I had a Swedish massage due to an ongoing pain in my left shoulder, I work in an office & am constantly trying to use the phone & type at the same time. I treated myself to a full body massage to see if it would help my sore shoulder. I was extremely pleased with the service I received, Nicola massaged away the pain and I have to say it has not returned. I left feeling completely relaxed and felt it was a wonderful experience. I have also recommended Jenicks massage to a number of my friends who have also used the service and been extremely happy".

Massage - carpal tunnel due to pregnancy 

"I am 8 months pregnant & diagnosed with pregnancy related Carpel Tunnel syndrome in my wrists & hands. This causes me pins & needles and aching which means that I am also finding it difficult to sleep. I have been to Nicola twice for massaging in the last 2 months which has helped my CTS a lot. Nothing can relieve it completely but the relief I have had for a few days after my massage allows me to get a good nights sleep which is so rare just now & greatly appreciated".


"I've had many massages over the years and I've found that Nicola is by far the best. I leave feeling very relaxed and any niggles in my back and shoulders are gone. Nicola has a very friendly manner making me feel very comfortable and now I've found Nicola I won't be going to anyone else".

"Having suffered constant muscular back pain for many years, it's good to have an alternative to osteopaths & chiropractors. Very professional & friendly service".