Reproflexology (fertility Reflexology)

Aims to help couples conceive by considering lifestyle and environmental factors alongside regular fertility reflexology.

Method - one or both partners receive weekly reflexology. Females receive varying weekly protocols as required to improve ovulation, support health conditions, aid relaxation etc. Males receive weekly treatments to support health conditions, aid relaxation and are specifically treated to improve quality of sperm/sperm count.

Techniques are based on Barbara Scott's Reproflexology protocols which achieved 68% success rate in her sample population of 180 female clients aged 24 to 46 years old.

Detail - first appointment with both partners to capture a detailed medical history (irrespective of whether the male is having reflexology) and agree approach. No reflexology at this one hour appointment. Thereafter weekly appointments at your home, or my clinics, as discussed and agreed. 

Suitable for those with fertility problems such as irregular cycles, annovulation, history of miscarriage, sperm motility or morphology issues, etc.

Menopause- for clients experiencing menopause symptoms I use Reflexology techniques (including Reproflexology and RLD), and also Emmett techniques which clients report have helped reduce hot-flushes, plus Reiki or Emmett has helped clients to sleep better/for longer.

"I am 8 months pregnant & diagnosed with pregnancy related Carpel Tunnel syndrome in my wrists & hands. This causes me pins & needles and aching which means that I am also finding it difficult to sleep. I have been to Nicola twice for massaging in the last 2 months which has helped my CTS a lot.

Nothing can relieve it completely but the relief I have had for a few days after my massage allows me to get a good nights sleep which is so rare just now & greatly appreciated".


Maternity reflexology & Pregnancy massage aims to bring comfort and relaxation to your pregnancy.

Regular Reflexology may help any pregnancy symptoms including pelvic girdle pain, insomnia, anxiety, morning sickness, digestive problems and swollen ankles. Plus it has been found to reduce the length of labour time and reduce pain during labour. See research.

Suitable for those with a healthy pregnancy and for those receiving regular reflexology, I can also provide a treatment to help prepare for labour.   07814004760