Indian Head Massage

This is a form of massage which is usually done fully clothed, sitting upright in a massage chair (however it can also be done on a table). It focuses primarily on the head, neck, shoulders & back, but there is also touch to the hands and face. Oil is only used on the hands so no messy hairdo's.

It is deeply relaxing and so good for all sorts of issues. For example it increases blood and lymphatic flow and helps to relax tight muscles. It is good for headaches & eyestrain. The benefits are similar to other kinds of massage and may help pain, stress, insomnia, mental tiredness, anxiety and may stimulate the immune system. The main advantage is that you can get many of the benefits while sitting upright and fully clothed, which some people prefer to lying down and having an oil massage.

Is it suitable for everyone?

There are some conditions where it is best not to have any massage. These include major heart problems, serious circulatory problems like thrombosis, skin cancer or cancer sites, and infectious disease.

However for Indian Head Massage we are also concerned about recent head or neck injury. Any health concerns should be discussed with the therapist before any treatment is undertaken.