Manual Lymphatic Drainage (MLD) Massage:

This massage helps to support the Immune system by clearing out the excess lymph fluid. This may help you to feel less sluggish, sleep better and feel more energised.

This is one of the most gentle, but powerful, massages you can receive. It used light, rhythmic massage touch to encourage lymph (the fluid that bathes cells) to move more freely around the body. It has a wonderful calming, pain relieving and immunological effect as it relaxes the sympathetic nervous system. Many clients actually drift off during the massage which is done without any oil. It is really lovely and not at all sore.

Our western diet and illness can cause the lymph system to become sluggish. Encouraging this fluid to move on results in elimination of toxins. The resultant effect in the short term (24-48 hours) may be frequent urination, or a runny nose, as the body begins to self heal. Longer term you may feel more balanced and rejuvenated.

It is wonderful for almost anyone to have a lymphatic drainage massage a few times a year, so is a great complement to traditional massage. However it is particularly useful if you are retaining fluid due to menstruation, pregnancy, medication etc. Encouraging the lymph fluid to be eliminated brings on a feeling of lightness.

MLD is useful as part of a detox and may help to improve skin conditions, reduce stress, improve circulation and functioning of the immune system. It is best to only have a 30 minute appointment first time around, due to its powerful effect.

Is it suitable for everyone?

There are some conditions where it is best to avoid all massage. These include major heart problems, serious circulatory problems like thrombosis, skin cancer/cancer sites and infectious disease.

In addition for MLD it is not recommended during menstruation or for those with kidney problems, and precautions need to be taken with diabetes, thyroid problems and low blood pressure. Please discuss with your therapist if anything applies.