Choose from a variety of massage types:

Holistic massage or Swedish massage - is a western massage. Therapeutic strokes using oil while lying on a table.  May help to ease pain or aid relaxation. 

Deep Tissue Massage - using a wider range of techniques to work the deep tissue layers. Good for pain or particularly tight muscles.

Indian Head Massage - focuses primarily on the head, neck and back but may also include hands and face. Oil is only used on the hands. Deeply relaxing. Read more.

Manual Lymphatic Drainage Massage - perfect for fluid retention, sluggish system etc. Extremely relaxing. Oil free treatment. Read more.

Myofascial Release - techniques including skin-rolling, stretching and unwinding. All without oil. May help stubborn pain and scarring. Read more.

Seated Acupressure massage - sitting upright in a massage chair, fully clothed and without oils. Usually 10-15 minutes in any location helps release tense shoulders, neck and arms. Good for stress and revitalisation. Read more.


Massage with caution  - those clients who are pregnant, have osteoporosis or are receiving cancer treatment.

Not recommended - for some due to the impact on blood circulation or to prevent risk of infection. E.g. if you currently have (or have recently had) a serious health condition such as a stroke, heart attack, angina, thrombosis, meningitis, epilepsy or an infectious skin condition. Please ask if unsure.

How will I feel after my massage?

Everyone feels different after a massage and it depends on the kind of massage chosen & the specific treatment given. Most people do feel good. Some top tips are:

  • Drink lots of water to rehydrate the body
  • You may experience a headache right afterwards or may feel a little sluggish, orachy, for a day or so afterwards, this should improve thereafter.
  • It can take 4-6 session to work through deep rooted muscle tension.

" I have not been sleeping well at night and having really restless nights. After just one hour of massage I felt that my body was really relaxed and I slept deeply that night. The results continued for a couple of nights. I have booked another massage to help"

"As I work full time and have family it is not easy fitting in some "me time". Finding somewhere local for a massage on a Sunday afternoon was just perfect. The massage studio is a very soothing setting. I had a full body massage. The massage was firm without hurting and I felt so relaxed afterwards. ".

"As a migraine sufferer and insomniac I was told to try Indian Head Massage. I have had a couple of these from Nicola and they have been fantastic. My sleeping improved (especially on the massage days) and my migraines have decreased. I felt very relaxed after my massages."

"I've got a fair bit of scar tissue that hasn't really reacted to normal massage or stretching but after 1 session with Nicola where she did some Myofascial Release around the scar tissue I immediately noticed the difference. I hadn't realised just how much the scar tissue had been restricting my movement until it had been loosened off."

"I went to Nicola because I had sore shoulders and wasn't sleeping well. She found I had tight arms which I had no idea about! I slept amazing after that first massage and I have been going regularly since. More recently I am on medication which is giving me restless legs we tried a few different massage techniques over different sessions- Manual Lymph drainage which did help somewhat, but it was the normal massage with oils which helped my legs relax the most. I can get relief for up to a week. Thanks so much!"

"I had a Swedish massage due to an ongoing pain in my left shoulder, I work in an office & am constantly trying to use the phone & type at the same time. I treated myself to a full body massage to see if it would help my sore shoulder. I was extremely pleased with the service I received, Nicola massaged away the pain and I have to say it has not returned. I left feeling completely relaxed and felt it was a wonderful experience".    07814004760