Is massage suitable for everyone?

Massage is not suitable for some people due to the impact on blood circulation or to prevent risk of infection. For example if you currently have (or have recently had) a serious health condition such as stroke, heart attack, angina, thrombosis, meningitis, epilepsy, or an infectious skin condition, then massage is not recommended.

Other conditions may allow massage so long as the specific site is either avoided or treated cautiously e.g. cancer sites, pregnancy & osteoporosis. If you have a particular health condition then I would be happy to discuss it with you. Please also see the specific Massage Treatments pages for more details of the benefits and contra-indications.


How will I feel after my massage?

Everyone feels different after a massage and it depends on the kind of massage chosen & the specific treatment given. Some top tips are:

- Please drink lots of water to rehydrate the body and tissue after massage.

- Some clients may experience a headache right afterwards or may feel a little sluggish or achey for a day or so afterwards, this should improve thereafter.

- Although many clients feel improvements after just one or two sessions, it can take 4-6 session to work through deep routed muscle tension.